Desarae Lindsey

Libertarian for US Congress Texas District 25


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Desarae Lindsey


Howdy!  I’m Desarae Lindsey and I am not a politician.  I am a person who loves people and wants the world to be a better place.Howdy!  I’m Desarae Lindsey and I am not a politician. 

I love the color orange, the bands Midlake and the Polyphonic Spree, freedom, lake life, psychedelic mushrooms, gardening, and most of all my family – which boasts 7 individuals and 26 legs.  (Hint:  my husband Tyler and son Jakob only have 2 legs apiece.)  I also have unimaginably incredible friends and friends who are family – and I adore being a part of the Libertarian Party Audacious Caucus.

Every individual is important to me.  Love is my driving force.  Nothing brings me more joy than seeing happy smiling faces.  I have no desire to rule you.  I am not qualified.  Only you can make the best choices to best serve yourself and your family.  That’s why I am running for Congress.  The old parties of the divisive duopoly wish to rule over you and have divined themselves overlord, master, and keeper of all other individuals.

Enough! Don’t you WANT control of your own life back?

Work with me and I can assure you I will do my very best to help ensure you are flourishing – but only the innovation and love you bring to the table. I extend my hand to you and ask that you help me create more beauty, more love, and more freedom, and to ensure that future generations don’t have to endure the struggles we and our fellow humans are trying to conquer at this very moment - and many that have preceded it.

It’s long past time we are no longer controlled and ruled by the self-divined elite few. We bend to their will by submitting to the propaganda we’re spoon-fed on a daily basis since birth. Don’t you wish to be free of the control of the will of others – to their benefit and your detriment?

Join me in the evolution and revolution of love, freedom, and innovation, and together we will soar to new heights. No longer will the storms willed upon us and our hopes and dreams destroy all that we cherish – we will be our own storm that serves and breeds the evolution of our thoughts, ideas, and creativity, resulting in maximum human flourishing.