Why Run for Texas State Senate?

I am not a politician.  I am a person who loves people and wants more than anything for the world to be a better place.  Every individual is important.  Love is my driving force.  Nothing brings me more joy than seeing happy smiling faces.  

If I was to experience the honor of being chosen by the voters to serve, I have no desire to rule anyone.  I am not qualified – nobody is.  Only you can make the best choices to best serve yourself and your family.  That’s my primary purpose in running for State Senate.  The old parties of the divisive duopoly have divined themselves overlord, master, and keeper of all humans being.  They hold our fates in their hands, while in reality do harm to those they purport to serve.  

A culture shift is necessary in order to ensure inclusivity for ALL within the political process, and there is no higher honor, responsibility, or purpose than serving your fellow humans.  We will employ a grassroots, GOTV campaign strategy and utilize compassionate messaging in order to bring an inclusive option to every voter in the district.

I wish to enact legislature to expand freedoms for ALL.  We must remove any barriers to freedom and justice, and a life of joy and peace.  None of us are free until we are ALL free.

How Did You Get Involved in Politics?

I’ve always had a mind toward political and social issues, combined with a heightened awareness of and empathy for the world around me. I was born with my arms around a tree and a protest sign in my hand.  At the age of 16, I attended my first protest, but it was scary because it was a fur protest and I felt like the activists were horrifyingly mean to other people – that went against everything I believed.  That didn’t stop me from attending other protests going forward, but the focus shifted more to anti-war, cannabis legalization, and so on.  I constantly did volunteer work, including starting the schoolwide recycling program in seventh grade, picking up trash along the roads regularly, and working at a farm once a week – which I loved.  I made great friends with a turkey named – you guessed it – Tom.  He was my buddy.

In 2001, I saw a pair of documentaries that followed the West Memphis 3 case.  After watching the first, I was stunned.  The three men who, at the time of conviction, were teenagers could have easily been kids I’d have run around with.  Afterward, I consumed everything I could about the case. In 2002, I put two of my passions (their case and my love of music) together by planning and promoting a benefit concert for legal fees the investigations and appeals continued to incur.  To this day, that is one of my most proud accomplishments – perhaps the first things I’d ever started and finished in my young adult life.

As time marched on, I became increasingly passionate about criminal justice reform, abolishing the death penalty, ending the drug war, putting a stop to all wars overseas, condemning and being rid of systemic bigotry, police reform, etc etc etc.  I felt helpless.  I wanted to make a difference but didn’t know how.  Finally, I discovered the Libertarian Party in 2011 and fell in love with the platform – the focus is maximum freedom for EVERY individual and the platform truly spoke to my heart.  

I started, grew, and loved the local Libertarian Party affiliate here in my county in 2012, and took on several volunteer positions within the state party. After volunteering for and even being hired to manage quite a few campaigns for candidates all across the country, I thought perhaps it was my turn to contribute with my own abilities in my own community.   

We must work to ensure equal freedoms, rights, and opportunities for ALL individuals and to protect our home, Mother Earth.  We must take bold stands.  We must love and protect ourselves and one another.  Government can no longer serve as a barrier for anyone seeking to improve their lives and those of their families and their neighbors.  The state, in its current form, must be called to stop pitting us against one another or true progress will never be ensured for every single individual.  

Until our goals are realized, we stand and we fight.  Together.  WITH and FOR one another, always.

But You Aren't Qualified!

"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible."

Frank Zappa

What we have isn’t working.  Young people especially are increasingly politically aware and have an extreme distaste for the status quo.  I’m here primarily for them.  It is our moral duty and responsibility to leave everything better than how we found it, in order to reduce (and hopefully negate) the struggles of younger generations.  I take that very very seriously – both personally and politically. 

Politicians are elected to represent and to serve the public. The average age of the current senator in Texas is 60.8.  Many of them  are hopelessly out of touch with what drives the everyday person in their everyday lives.  Power is corrupting and public servants often fall victim to it, and what drives their own personal and political interests.

Let’s try something new!  If it doesn’t work, we find ways to make it work until it does and we have achieved maximum freedom for ALL.  Part of this is electing  compassionate representatives who are driven by their love of their fellow humans, and will act in the best interests of those they serve.