end all wars

The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs is an utter failure. Cannabis and Psilocybin should be our first priorities for decriminalization. This will lead to a better society, similar to the end of Prohibition.

The War on the Unhoused

Lack of affordable housing, the criminal unjustice system, and a lack of affordable healthcare are chief among the crisis afflicting the unhoused. We must look to the positive strides being made by organizations such as Housing First. Homelessness is a social failure, not an individual one.

The War Abroad

Biden on Afghanistan: ‘We are leaving in 2014. Period’

The War on Human Movement

Nationalism is a pox on our souls. Lines in the dirt shouldn’t dictate our kindness. We need to live up to our forebears and embrace our global neighbors.


We must work to ensure equal freedoms, rights, and opportunities for ALL individuals and to protect our home, Mother Earth.  We must take bold stands.  We must love and protect ourselves and one another.  Government can no longer serve as a barrier for anyone seeking to improve their lives and those of their families and their neighbors.  The state, in its current form, must be called to stop pitting us against one another or true progress will never be ensured for every single individual.  

Until our goals are realized, we stand and we fight.  Together.  WITH and FOR one another, always.

The War on the Environment

Humanity is facing an unprecedented threat of climate change. We need to remove the corporate welfare to the fossil fuel industry, and remove immunity from liability for the damage they cause.

The War on the Worker

Worker cooperatives and unions are the future for a democratic workplace, one where the worker is respected and valued. Removing byzantine taxation laws, instituting First Right of Refusal legislation, and ending abusive Intellectual Property laws will lead to a better outcome for everyone.

The War on the Incarcerated

We have an incarcerated population ratio so high Stalin would blush. The justice system should be oriented around rehabilitation, not punishment. The Death Penalty is barbarous.

The War on Civil Liberties

Blue Laws are an antiquated and zealous practice that should end. Social ills should be addressed head on, rather than by proxy via legislation targeting peripheral issues.